A Movement Journey through Identity and Space

The workshop encompasses movement as a language to interact, a way to relate and compose simultaneously - questioning the concept of performance, in search of an unmasked reality of the moment.


Sunday, May 26th

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM


45€ per Person


K77 Studio,
Kastanienallee 77
10435 Berlin


For Dancers, Movers, Performers, Actors, Artists and the Curious.

Max. 16 people

About the class


We are using a somatic baseline to create a safe environment for exploration. An exploration that is seeking to zoom in and out of the collective to experience meaningfulness rather than forcing the creation of meaning.

We will move into different tools from partnering and instant composition to use the vessel of the body for exchange. Removing the ego for a while to let go of notions of success and achievement.

Without leaving or censoring any part of the human psyche we want to invite all emotions and reactions to become conscious of our societal filters. 

Arrive in an embodied flow state where your creativity is unlocked and your senses heightened to listen and adapt to the group motion.

To begin with, I must say that my body felt the space you held in a safe and exploratory way. The field you co-created was inviting to let one‘s body move freely, explore and get surprised in a contained way, congratulations.

Further, because of my background in Drama Acting and Psychotherapy, I found such a space an excellent ground to explore body to body communication. After working for years from an embodiment approach, and studying and researching in everything that takes place between two bodies doing therapy beyond verbal communication, I encountered in your workshop a fruitful space to explore the bodily processes that take place constantly without us being aware of them. What does each body need? How can I embody an offering of help to the other body? How aware am I of how my body speaks? These questions were enriched by the experience.

I left the workshop inspired and eager to take part in further spaces you two might hold both together or individually. So please, keep me posted!

Once again, congratulations.

Matías C.

Let your "animal intelligence" flourish. This expression, by the Contact Improv teacher Daniel Lepkoff, wonderfully captures Elke's dance proposal. Her sessions are a blend of play, intuition, spontaneity, force, touch, connection, authenticity, electronic energy/music. A wild, electrifying, beautiful journey into life's force.

Jose Manu

Your Experience

Here’s what you will experience

Expression of Identity

We explore storytelling as a means of expressing complex emotions and narratives - relational beings in motion.

Refining Movement Qualities

Through movement qualities, we investigate the notions of weight and resistance, understanding how these elements influence our physicality and emotional states

Spatial Awareness and Connection

Concept of space, as a physical entity and as a metaphorical construct. Understand the interplay between the body and its surroundings. 

Perspective Changes

Group reflections will foster meaningful discussions, enabling you to gain insights from diverse perspectives

We string together a composition of pieces of our past, present and projections into the future. This can be funny, or deeply revealing.


K77 Studio,
Kastanienallee 77
10435 Berlin


Your Instructor

Elke Kalupar

I have found the most transformative experiences in group settings as they allow me to discover different parts of myself through interactions with others.

Frequently Asked QUestions

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I can't make it to the workshop anymore, what can I do?

Until two weeks in advance to the workshop you can cancel, and get 50% refund. After that no refund is possible. You can always join the next workshop that is happening if you can not attend. Please let me know via e-mail.

What should I wear?

Bring comfortable clothes that you can move in freely. We suggest nothing that is flowing around too much and can distract you when it's not sitting in place. My recommendation is to work barefoot and with long pants. Bring some water to cleanse your system after the session.

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