Hear your body’s needs - anytime again for the rest of your life.

As we grow up, we are distancing from the body, it's natural intelligence. Our body becomes a mere representation to the outside, forgetting to nourish and listen to movements from within. The brain is overrated and overworked while the body lacks depth of movement.

Moving becomes a necessity rather than an exploration of oneself and a time to connect.


Flexible schedule.

We will find a regular time that fits into your schedule.

Sessions are 90min each.


1 Session - 190€/Session

10 Sessions - 160€/Session

20 Sessions - 135€/Session


Flexible location.

I will find a dance studio near you to minimise the hassle of travel.


This coaching is not about teaching you a specific move or fitness exercise but rather understanding how you work with movement principles and finding a connection with your own sense of movement and creativity to listen to your body’s needs and find solutions to them.


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About the class

Work with core principles and your own sense of movement

My Philosophy

Everybody can move. Movement intelligence resides in the body — a gift we are born with and nurture through childhood curiosity. The body learns through trial and error, capable of responding to our demands. Adaptation occurs the moment we engage with it.

Awareness in the body offers more than agility and skills — but provides insight into our emotional landscape. The body stores our experiences; we can identify and change patterns by finding expression and confidence. Sometimes, telling a story is easier without words.

What to expect during the Coaching Process

In our first session, we will cover different aspects of movement and dancing — physically and emotionally. What is easy? What is challenging you? Where do you want to explore more? Together we analyze what is holding you back and find the missing pieces to connect your freedom in the body and mind. Are you blocked by external factors? What is the underlying fear? How can we bypass it to wake the intelligence of your body up again?

What are the weak spots? Where do you carry tension?

If you already have a topic you want to address, let me know beforehand, and I will dive into exercises and propositions toward that direction.

From there, I will personalize our next sessions, building up and finding progress at your speed. Depending on your goal, we will work with more set or free movement techniques and exercises. We can choose to work more physically oriented or transfer and work with the emotional landscape mirrored in the body or the expression of the inside through movement.

Our son, at that time 8 years old, had poor body tension and weak body awareness, which affected his everyday life. He then trained with Elke for two years. Here he received special training tailored to him. Our son had a lot of fun and the results became visible quickly! We were very satisfied.

Elkes approach helped very much and you don't feel like you're in therapy. But relax and have fun on the road to recovery.

Anastasya H.

Im a 38 years old web developer, I mostly sit on the computer all day and had no movement experience.  Never would I have imagined that I could walk into a dance class full of professional dancers in their 20s and hold my own, let alone get compliments after and be mistaken for a dancer. Elkes private coaching made this possible!

I took a lot of lessons and it wasn't cheap but it changed my life. Before Elkes coaching I wouldn’t even wave an arm in the air for fear of looking silly, now I feel totally confident in any situation to move freely as my body wishes. If you want to truly get comfortable in your body and at the same time gain movement skills, you need to book this coaching, there is nothing out there that compares.

James G

Your Experience

Here’s what you will experience

Personalized Focus on Strengths and Weaknesses

The coaching offers a personalized approach, focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses. It provides dedicated space for the body, personal topics, and struggles.

Confidence in Your Body

The feeling of confidence and freedom in the body will transcend to your life and inner posture. The coaching helps enhance your ability to enter conversations, take responsibility, and find your own solutions.

Lifelong Understanding of Movement

Learn how to experiment and explore movement in a safe way, not just for a specific situation but for a lifetime. This results in an intuitive understanding of what movement benefits you over time.

Tailored Exploration of Movement and Creative Expression

The coaching process involves exploring different aspects of movement and dancing, both physically and emotionally. You choose to focus on physical aspects, emotional landscapes mirrored in the body, or the expression of inner thoughts through movement.

''My journey through dance has helped me process and develop a listening to where my body is in space and what movements are beneficial in which moment.

Seeing people rediscover their potential in the body is one of the most fulfilling experiences.''


Flexible time and location, eliminate the hassle of travel

You can choose a time and location in your preferred area in Berlin and I will find a suitable studio to train in.


Your Instructor

Elke Kalupar

I have found the most transformative experiences in group settings as they allow me to discover different parts of myself through interactions with others.

Frequently Asked QUestions

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I don't know how many sessions I should book? What is the difference between 10 and 20?

10 sessions will give you a clear direction, with tools and exercises to continue your process afterwards. Refining and being able to progress from there. Many times after 10 sessions you will not feel completely transformed, since the body needs time. You can see it like a kickstarter from which you will be able to work by yourself and apply all the understanding and knowledge in any other classes or workshops you will attend.

20 sessions gives enough room to see significant changes in your movement. This commitment allows you to internalize and probably arrive somewhere you would not imagine now. As you book it you already commit and don't need to push through arriving at your results alone.

What if I don't like the session, can I cancel?

You can book a single session to get a better idea and feel secure with your decision.

Otherwise, if you book a package and are not happy with the session we can find a solution. If you didn't change your mind after 3 sessions you can cancel, and only the rest of studio costs will apply. Sometimes the beginning can be challenging, as you will face some of your weak spots that you want to work on.

How quickly will we start after my booking?

After you book, I will get back to you within the next day. We can clarify your needs and organizational details.

Depending on your wishes we can usually start within in the next week. Or create a schedule that fits to your needs and availabilities.

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