Three days of Movement and Creation Laboratory

In a wonderful, ecological retreat court located in the heart of the Altmark with sleeping options in high-quality tipis and yurts, in the middle of untouched nature. A place and time to go into your process of expression, inspiration and creating experience.


September 27-29, 2024

Start — Friday, 3:00PM
End — Sunday, 5:00PM


Early Bird until June 16th, from 790€

Regular, from 840€


Vissum 14
39619 Arendsee (Altmark)

2h from Berlin Hbf by Train
2.5h from Berlin Mitte by Car


For the curious explorers of life, looking for a process-oriented space for creation and reflection.
Accomodation and full-board included.

About the class

Outgrow your current state and patterns

In the large wooden studio we embark on a connecting movement journey. Together we develop a language that allows us to let go and put aside our stressed everyday egos. In this three day laboratory we focus on the sensual perception of our bodies through movement explorations to look into the landscape of your body. With a sharpened knowledge of our intuitive needs, we get in contact with each other and create a common movement story.

Principles of body awareness and movement tools are taught. In search of a mind-body balance we are looking for the links between movement, sound, voice, expression and thoughts. Freeing ourselves through the creative process and arriving in the present moment. 

We will transfer movement into different realms, using text to movement techniques. Transforming your thoughts and dreams into the body and vice versa to find a continuous stream of change. This allows us to further investigate the physical experience and seek new movement impulses.

Since we will be surrounded by nature there will be one section of the retreat using natural materials as a movement resource: We are exploring concepts such as “The Clay Body” and “Converting into Stone”.

To recover and relax during the retreat we will include bodywork for fascial release.

The workshop is based on a collaborative approach that brings us together in formations consisting of group, pair and solo exercises.



3.00 — 3.30 PM: Arrival
4.00 — 6.30 PM: Session 1 — The Landscape of the Body 
6.30 — 7.30 PM: Dinner
8.00 — 9.00 PM: Session 2 — Natural Materials as a Movement Resource (Converting into Stone)
9.00 — Open End: Reflection and Intention Setting around the fireplace


8.00 — 9.00 AM: Breakfast
9.00 — 11.30 AM: Session 3 — Movement Exploration (Individual and in Group)
11.45 — 12.45 PM: Session 4 — Writing Movement, Movement to Text Techniques
12.45 — 1.45 PM: Lunch
1.45 — 4.00 PM: Free-time for Reflection and Nature
4.00 — 6.30 PM: Session 5 — Connecting Movement, Voice and Sound
6.30 — 7.30 PM: Dinner

From here open program:
8.00 — 9.00 PM: Relaxation at Sauna
9.00 PM — Open End: Life as Performance / Experimental Jam


8.30 — 9.30 AM: Breakfast 
9.30 — 11.00 AM: Session 6 — Bodywork, Fascial Release
11.00 — 12:30 PM: Session 7 — Natural Materials as a Movement Resource (The Clay Body)
12.30 — 1.30 PM: Lunch
1.30 — 4.00 PM: Session 8 — Writing Movement, Text to Movement Techniques
4.00 — 5.00 PM: Goodbyes & Departure

I found myself discovering a new way of communicating and expressing, namely with my body, followed by words only after the body had spoken. Instead of the usual thought process, I learned to explore expression physically and realised that the body offers a way to negotiate emotions and relationships of itself and the surroundings. The experience was then distilled and shared in written form, tying ideas and the group together.

I was very surprised to notice how feelings were created purely through the physical and how, in response, those feelings could be explored and answered to also with the physical. It was the first time that I got to know a group of people intimately without speech (except about the movement) and I felt this was a valuable lesson, because it demanded less ego and more vulnerability from everyone involved.

I can recommend this workshop to anyone interested in their emotional landscape and in how emotions are dependent on and shared between people (and animals). Also, to anyone really interested in feeling their body. I have a new appreciation for my physical manifestation after this weekend.


I didn't expect it to have such an impact on me at so many levels and to come back to Berlin so much grown inside.

A big surprise for me was the group dynamics outside the classes. It was really nice to spend time with the participants and get to know them better. The retreat showed me again how diverse and interesting people can be. Here, I was reminded of your words, Elke, that one shouldn't just focus on oneself, but also on the group and group dynamics.

I found the combination of writing and movement really great because it allowed me to better understand what had just happened. You could observe and describe it for a moment longer than in dance where it disappears quickly. You could not only be present in the moment of realization but also perceive it, stay in the moment, hold onto it, reflect on it. I really liked that we were supposed to read our own texts. It was initially challenging because I had never read my own texts before, but I really enjoyed it. The reading - spotlight effect - had a really strong therapeutic effect. The fact that everyone had to do it was crucial. Otherwise, I would have had the feeling that we had to compete for who gets to read their text, i.e. who is more extroverted. I had another moment of this kind at the end of the retreat when we shared our experiences - I am very grateful for these solo spotlight moments.

Aizhan S.

Your Experience

Here’s what you will experience

Unlock your Creative Process

Gain awareness of where you draw inspiration from and how to integrate into your movement.

Reflect and rewrite your patterns

Understand your own patterns and tendencies, break them, discover and reveal new aspects of yourself.

Confidence in your Body and Self-Expression

By linking movement, sound, voice and your thoughts you find an authentic expression in your body.

Take a break from the big city life and find space to hear yourself

Use the change of environment and pace to become more attuned to your own needs and desires.

The body is a vessel for creation, a tool to get to know ourselves, a tool to reinvent who we are. The body is the only matter you own.


Surrounded by nature in the Astraea Ecological Retreat

On the 4 hectare area you will find beautiful corners to linger and relax. Nature lovers and aesthetes will get their money's worth in the idyllic wild herb garden, on the farm or in the raised beds next to our greenhouse. During a walk on the nearby nature trail at the end of the village, you can let yourself drift and, with a bit of luck, spot one or two wild animals.

It is easier to live and learn in this environment.

Getting There

By Car : 2.5h from Berlin Mitte
By Train : 2h from Berlin Hbf

Accommodation Options: Tipi or Yurt

While the yurts gather around the central fireplace in an area surrounded by old trees, the teepees are lined up on the outer meadow at the edge of our forest with a view to the horizon.

The yurts are equipped with an en suite bathroom and an additional fireplace. In a converted shipping container, on the edge of the tipi meadow, there are high-quality bathrooms that belong to the tipis.

Yurt Option

28 sqm
Natural latex mattress
Private bathroom
2 single beds or one double

All to yourself: €̶1̶2̶4̶0̶ / €1190 Early Bird
Share with someone: €̶1̶0̶4̶0̶ / €990 Early Bird

Tipi Option

22 sqm
Natural latex mattresses
2 single beds or one double

All to yourself: €̶9̶9̶0̶ / €940 Early Bird
Share with someone: €̶8̶4̶0̶ / €790 Early Bird


Your Instructor

Elke Kalupar

I have found the most transformative experiences in group settings as they allow me to discover different parts of myself through interactions with others.

Frequently Asked QUestions

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How can I get to the retreat venue?

There will be a pick-up option to get you from your house together with other participants directly to the venue.

Otherwise you can take a train to Wittenberge and get picked up from there or drive by car yourself.

Can I choose who to share an accomodation with?

If you decide to book a shared Yurt or Tipi you can let me know if you want to stay with a specific person or have requirements that are important to you.

I booked the retreat, but can't make it anymore

If your plans changed after booking you have the following options

Cancellation Policy:

  • Until 30 days in advance: 30% of the price incur
  • Until 14 days before: 50% of the price incur
  • 7 days or less before: no refund

You can always transfer your booking to another person

I have an allergy/food intolerance, can the food be adapted?

Yes, you can let us know any requirements you need for food during the retreat after booking. If desired, we offer individual arrangements and cuisine, which are as seasonal, regional and organic as possible. The culinary focus is on vegetarian whole foods, but vegan, aryuvedic and raw food cuisine can also be offered to a very high standard.

I have no experience in movement, can I participate?

The retreat is not based on a technical approach, but oriented towards the creative process. You should be open to move a lot, as we have multiple days for exploration.

Feel free to reach out and we can discuss for your specific situation.

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Choose Your Experience

Join us for this transformative weekend of movement and creation. Unlock the creator within you, surrounded by a peaceful environment.

Limited spots available.

This is what you get:

  • 3 Days Movement and Creation Laboratory (incl. 8 Sessions)
  • Free time to relax and reflect
  • 2 Nights Accommodation of in a high-quality tipi or yurt.
  • Full-Board (incl. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee/Tea/Water)
  • Saturday night sauna session


Early Bird until June 16th‍

Tipi Option

Tipi all to yourself - €̶9̶9̶0̶ / €940 Early Bird
Tipi shared - €̶8̶4̶0̶ / €790 Early Bird

Yurt Option

Yurt all to yourself - €̶1̶2̶4̶0̶ / €1190 Early Bird
Yurt shared - €̶1̶0̶4̶0̶ / €990 Early Bird

Prices are per person. Shared accommodation is for 2 people. You can book a shared room by yourself and we will match you with someone.
Price Per Person: 
€ 940.00 EUR
€ 990.00 EUR
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