Movement Expansion Workshops

Dive deep into the world of movement and dance. Two workshops, two days. You choose - all weekend or one day. Bring your body to the next stage of creativity and freedom. We explore Improvisation Tools, Floorwork Principles and Partnering Technique.


October 19th-20th

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Single Day 48€

Full Weekend 75€

(Early Bird until September 21st)


Studio 2
Kunstquartier Bethanien,
Mariannenplatz 2,
10997 Berlin


Open Level. No prior dance experience needed, but practice in movement is recommended.

The workshop will be physically demanding. No need to come with a partner for the second day.

About the class

Expand your movement vocabulary to bring your body into flow of expression

DAY 1: Improvisation Tools & Floorwork

In this workshop you will explore solo improvisation tools to discover new pathways and qualities in your body and practice floorwork principles to find effortless transitions in your movement. We will move into softness, isolation, working with rhythm, breath and sound. How can you express yourself through the movement? Through different tasks we will experiment with the possibilities of our bodies. 

For the floorwork we will work on rolling, using different surfaces of the body and finding ways to move in and out of the floor with spirals. 

DAY 2: Partnering Technique into Improvisation

We will explore the techniques behind moving with a partner. How can we move together and support each other and find the right moments to direction our weight into a lift? We will practice basic principles of working with our center and learn some specific lifts and tricks that we can incorporate into our improvisation. 

Together we explore how we can integrate the technique into being playful and fearless of leaving the ground. 

As well figuring out how to save the muscle power and instead work with the physical principles to find a stable base for taking weight and guiding each other.

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Your Experience

Here’s what you will experience

Physical and Creative Growth

On both days we will focus on giving you the technical tools to encourage you to break free from your limitations.

Diverse Movement Exploration

Expand your vocabulary and technique. Whether you move alone or together with a partner. Standing, over the ground, fast or slow pace.

Balancing Togetherness and Individuality

It’s your choice - Do you want to explore both days or decide to focus on improving your own practice or your partnering practice?

Movement Deep Dive

Your body needs time to explore. Deep dive for multiple hours into different ways of moving. Only practicing and doing will get you further.

How many times did you wish to move with more flow? To have the tools for getting in and out of the ground smoothly? To catch the opportunities when you improvise together.


Kunstquartier Bethanien


Studio 2
Mariannenpl. 2,
10997 Berlin

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Your Instructor

Elke Kalupar

I have found the most transformative experiences in group settings as they allow me to discover different parts of myself through interactions with others.

Frequently Asked QUestions

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What should I wear?

Bring comfortable clothes that you can move in freely. We suggest nothing that is flowing around too much and can distract you when it's not sitting in place. My recommendation is to work barefoot and with long pants. Bring some water to cleanse your system after the session.

I have no experience in movement, can I come?

The Connective Movement Class does not require any prior experience and is good for any level of fitness, if you have any injuries or limitations, remember to communicate them before your session starts. Just be open to experience new sensations and possibilities of movement in your body.

There are workshops and advanced classes, please read the description before or write an e-mail if you have any doubts.

I can't make it to the workshop anymore, what can I do?

Until two weeks in advance to the workshop you can cancel, and get 50% refund. After that no refund is possible. You can always join the next workshop that is happening if you can not attend. Please let me know via e-mail.

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You are here to bring more freedom and versatility to your body and movement experience. Start to connect the dots.

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