The body benefits  
from movement
the mind benefits
from stillness

About Elke

I’ve long accepted that receiving bodywork is an important part of my self-care routine. As a mover and bodyworker.

My personality is quite calm and clear, I try to live in the moment and spread my passion for movement. My perception of the world is dominated by the kinesthetics. I love to build and feel the connection between people, which often happens in a nonverbal way for me.

The healing power of movement and touch got a big part of my life through dancing. Authentic and individual care for people is important to me, therefore I combine my anatomical and psychological background knowledge with my intuition and inner calmness/balance to work holistic.

I want that others can let go with me and give them back their trust and acceptance to be who they are. Change is good but it happens naturally as soon as you take the moment as it is and accept yourself.

My Qualifications

Naturopath for Complementary Medicine, Training at arche medica (Berlin)
Contemporary Dance Education at VARIUM espai de moviment (Barcelona)
B.Sc. Sports Science at TU Munich