We are all different.
We are all the same.


For me it is not about
gender, identity, shape, form - it is about being.
A human body.
I believe in the intelligence of the body.
I believe in non-linear pathways.
I want to co-create in the micro and macrocosm.  
I invite you to experience.

Creating liminal spaces - places of transit.

to behave according
to your

Intuitive LIstening

I am curious about how we meet each other.
Human interaction in its purest form.

The liminal space is a threshold to the unknown. A space where reality feels different. My work is self-developing.

a gathering - a performance - an experience that breaks through the limitations that never existed.

The energy of collective creates. The individual does no longer need to proof or identify with a label. The mind can expand and zoom out to witness the beauty of collective.
We can be in union but our self takes itself too seriously and too important.

Exchange needs a gateway - this requires a form of openness & vulnerability.

Resistance is a platform, a support to push off.
Refusal is stagnation.