AKZEPTANZ Movement Couples Workshop

In this immersive experience, you and your partner(s) will explore the depths of your connection, unraveling patterns and roles that shape your relationship dynamics. Through the language of movement, we invite you to rediscover one another, fostering a renewed sense of intimacy and understanding.


March 2nd-3rd

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM


150€ per couple


Studio 2
Kunstquartier Bethanien,
Mariannenplatz 2,
10997 Berlin


For Couples and Partners (lovers, friends, or throuples) interested in deepening their relationship dynamics.

Each exercise is conducted within the intimacy of your partnership, ensuring a personalized experience. Your comfort is our priority; sharing is optional and respected.

About the class

Through movement we want to reconnect with each other.

Find new and old ways to listen and share. Become aware of your patterns and roles you tend to take in your relationship.

Using the body to create a new experience and allow dynamics to change. Finding moments of presence and co-creation with your partner. To support and find growth together with this person by your side.

Come with a partner of your choice, whether it’s a lover or friend. You can come in a throuple as well.

Become a Better Support

Discover how to be a solid foundation for your partner, fostering trust and security in your relationship.

Enhance Communication

Practice active listening and genuine observation, honing your ability to truly see and understand your partner.

Confrontation with Clarity

Develop stability and clarity in moments of confrontation, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

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Your Experience

Here’s what you will experience

Rediscover Your Connection

Discover new and familiar ways to listen, share, and support each other

Presence and Co-Creation

Create shared moments of presence to strengthen your bond

Balancing Togetherness and Individuality

Staying fully present with your partner while maintaining a strong connection to yourself. Reflect on co-dependencies.

Deepen Your Intimacy

Feel close, open, and inspired in your intimacy with your partner through embodied exercises using movement and touch as main elements. Commit to put in the energy, and attention it needs to evolve together.

How many times do you wish to just have time to connect with your partner? To arrive in the present moment, to feel the other, to create an experience together.


Kunstquartier Bethanien


Studio 2
Mariannenpl. 2,
10997 Berlin

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Your Instructor

Elke Kalupar

I have found the most transformative experiences in group settings as they allow me to discover different parts of myself through interactions with others.

Frequently Asked QUestions

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What should I wear?

Bring comfortable clothes that you can move in freely. We suggest nothing that is flowing around too much and can distract you when it's not sitting in place. My recommendation is to work barefoot and with long pants. Bring some water to cleanse your system after the session.

I have no experience in movement, can I come?

The Connective Movement Class does not require any prior experience and is good for any level of fitness, if you have any injuries or limitations, remember to communicate them before your session starts. Just be open to experience new sensations and possibilities of movement in your body.

There are workshops and advanced classes, please read the description before or write an e-mail if you have any doubts.

I can't make it to the workshop anymore, what can I do?

Until two weeks in advance to the workshop you can cancel, and get 50% refund. After that no refund is possible. You can always join the next workshop that is happening if you can not attend. Please let me know via e-mail.

Invest in your relationship.

Limited spots available.

You are here to make your partnership electrifying and as deeply connected as possible.

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