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An intimate and personal session, where you will be guided from beginning till end through a continuous movement flow.

Emotional experiences often stay in the body and get incapsulated on a physiological level.

Stress that happens predominantly on a mental level can have profound effects on the physical body.


What a Guided Movement Meditation session looks like...

In this 60 minute session, we will tailor the Guided Movement Meditation to your specific needs and state of being to help you where you need the most.

In which areas do you wish to grow and evolve?

What do you need to let go of or release?

Which areas do you want to unlock within your body?

Every session will be a bit different as it is tailored to the individual, depending on your current state of being. Still it can be structured into three parts.

Session Structure

Part I


After getting to know each other, we will start off lying on the floor with closed eyes.  I will give you time to arrive in the room and by using different breathing techniques we will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing full relaxation.

Part II


The main part is the dance or movement meditation. I will guide and manipulate you with my hands and body and accompany you through different positions.
You can let go completely, relax and feel into your body. The joints will get mobilized and fascial tissue gets gently stretched. Muscular tension gets released.

Part III


You have the option to get more active and follow my movement impulses in a standing position. From there the directions of the journey are infinite and will evolve naturally.

The end consists of a massage and relaxation, similar to the Shavasana in yoga practice. You have time to process the experience and enjoy the deep state of mind.

Who is movement meditation for?

Do you hold tension in your body?

Do you struggle to let go in daily life?

Do you want to strengthen your mind-body link?

Do you feel guilty to receive, yet giving so much everyday to others?

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Individual Session - 1 hour
Reconnecting to one's body awareness shouldn't be something elitist and exclusive. I offer a monthly quota for clients with financial difficulties, for whom I offer discounts. You can get in touch and ask me about the capacities and we will find a solution.


My session with Elke was a whole new level of healing—I have been in therapy for years and have been trying to heal my trauma in many different ways. But nothing compared to experience of Elke helping my body learn it is safe to trust. Her unique akzepTANZ technique cut through my stubborn mind and healed so much in my body and my nervous system directly.

I have never had an experience like this! Just one session really helped me because my past traumas had cut me off from being able to connect with other people, but giving my body this memory of intense, kind, and safe connectedness—this will help me for years to come.

- Chase H.

The guided movement meditation with Elke was a very emotional experience for me. The experience of letting go of control over my mind and body and trusting Elke with it is very challenging for me. Therefore there is a great potential for healing und learning to trust within the meditation.

- Pia S.

It was so good. I'm in a phase of my life where I am trying to reconnect to my body and be more present and Elke's practice really helps to do that too. It was very grounding, and easier than I thought to trust her completely, even though we didn't really know each other. I will definitely be back!

- Patrizia B.

Elke is such a warm hearted person, you can totally let yourself relax in her guidance. Throughout the session I started to be so present with my body and mind. More present than in any meditation I've done before.

- Damaris M.

Elke unlocked tension I had been holding in my body my whole life. The whole experience from start to finish was amazing, there is nothing else out there like this. I would recommend movement meditation to everyone.

- James G.

When I met Elke, I was struck by her relaxed presence — simply being around her put my nervous system at ease. I soon learned that she is a subtle and gifted teacher, communicating via movement, and led by her rooted somatic intuition. In our time together, she has helped me to loosen up; to let go of old stories and habits, and to allow new energy to circulate. If you’re dealing with an injury, would like to increase your awareness, or are just going through something rough, I highly recommend a movement practice with Elke.

- Zach L.


Do I need to come with a partner?

No, the aim is to connect with the whole group. We will not work with a fixed partner but switch around. The beauty lies in the difference of each and learning how our bodies can adapt.

Where is the Group Session & how do I get there?

Sunday Sessions are at :
Studio K77
Kastanienallee 77, 10435 Berlin

Friday Sessions are at:
Neuköllnische Allee 6-8, 12057 Berlin

Mondays Sessions are at:
UHU Studio (near Treptower Park)
Moosdorfstraße 7-9
12435 Berlin

I can't make it to my session anymore, can I reschedule?

Cancellations are possible up to 24h before the event but will incur a 15% fee.

It is possible to reschedule up to 24h before the event.

Is it a erotic/sexual thing?

No, there is nothing sexual about Guided Movement Meditation.

I am afraid/uncomfortable to touch others, can I still take part?

It is normal that it might not feel natural to you to get into close contact with others very quickly. The sessions should always be a safe space for you and you can communicate your personal boundaries. Still you should be open to the challenge and experience to let go of this fear through the process and grow with it.

Many times it is just because we are not used to it and afraid of doing something wrong. If you can get triggered through touch easily from past traumas please consider that - You know best how much you can handle. If you have doubts please contact us and we can sort it out.

Are sessions led in English or German?

The 1:1 sessions are in German or English, whatever you prefer. For the group session it depends on the participants - we will make sure everyone understands what is happening (normally the sessions are led in English). In the end remember that we will talk a lot with our bodies anyways - the language we all share.

I have a disability/my movement is limited, can I still join?

Of course, just inform me in advance and we can work with what is possible for you.

I don't have any dance/sport experience, is that ok?

Guided Movement Meditation does not require any prior experience and is good for any level of fitness, if you have any injuries or limitations, remember to communicate them before your session starts. Just be open to experience new sensations and possibilities of movement in your body.

Is it COVID-safe?

We always follow the recent regulations to minimize the risk of infection. At the moment there is no proof necessary to attend a session.

Please think about your health and the health of the people around you before attending a session. If you feel sick, please stay home!

What should I wear?

Bring comfortable clothes that you can move in freely. We suggest nothing that is flowing around too much and can distract you when it's not sitting in place. My recommendation is to work barefoot and with long pants. Bring some water to cleanse your system after the session.

Reinforce mind-body connection.

Are you ready to connect your body to your mind through movement?

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